Friends, we are playing at Boston Greenfest 2013 on the GreenSouleStage at 6pm Friday August 16th 2013 in Boston’s Government Center.  Come on down and check out the bands, activities, and information!


Ha! Cute. 

Music Renaissance

So I was thinking about how there’s so much great music to find lately. I feel like there’s a real resurgence of musical creativity. It’s as if finally the music industry is really reborn better than before. 

And it makes me miss some great bands I used to go see. I think being an up and coming band in the late 90s and early 2k was pretty hard.

I found a video online of one of the bands, Two Ton Shoe  - - a gig at Harper’s Ferry in Brighton (and the end of one at The Middle East) I was probably at both gigs.

And another favorite - Superhoney - found some videos - - a video of them at the Orpheum.

Everyone should hear these bands.

a voice for the silent

I was driving and John Mellencamp’s Rain On The Scarecrow came up on my iPod. ( And I just wonder what happened to the social conscious of rock music. It’s not that there are a lack of issues. And yes I am sure there are artists making music about such things. But there was a time when these songs were in the mainstream. Or how about CCR’s Fortunate Son (

Do our souls slumber from the ever present ether of electronics? 

Live album

I was originally in the school of thought that playing live meant playing an album as it is live.
I’ve long since opened to the idea of live as different than the studio. And for these Strata songs the difference is sometimes subtle and sometimes significant. So much so that the live interpretations of ‘The Elaborate Scheme’ has been captured as a new recording. It can be very exciting to see music you’ve written be interpreted and extended. This is not about the perfect song or perfect recording; this is about the freedom to recast ideas with added influences.

Sat Sept 29 6pm @ Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square

We’re playing at the School Of Groove’s student showcase Saturday September 29 at 6PM. We go on first promptly at 6PM.

Come on down, hang out, watch our show! We’ll have CDs available before our official CD launch!

Music Clout has become a favorite stop on my internet travels…

Pint glasses are in.

Pint glasses are in.


Yep, we’re there too! Just search for Strata Obscura. Click often!